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Monti in Southend-on-Sea is a Roman family restaurant with deep roots in Italy. The journey began in Mazzarino, Sicily, where Nonno Pino, the founder, was born. He later moved to Rome, working in a kitchen and pursuing his passion for music. In 1965, he opened his first pastry shop under the Colosseum. Papa’ Enrico, the head chef, was born that same year.

Despite the demanding pastry business, Nonno Pino gained fame as a guitarist and made waves in the music scene. By 1974, Papa’ joined the family business at nine and took over in 1982 at 17. In the same year, he met Mamma Sabrina, and their love story blossomed. In 1995, they had a son, Enrico Jr., who later moved to England to open a restaurant.

After five years of hard work, Enrico Jr. realised his dream with Monti in Southend-on-Sea. Papa’ and Mamma sold their business in Rome to support him. Monti embodies a true family-run restaurant, blending good food, good company, and the creation of happy memories.

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